The Abbott Government’s lazy approach to multicultural policy still sees it promoting the work of the Australian Multicultural Council (AMC) despite abolishing it in June.

On the website of the Department of Social Services today, the Government’s multicultural policy remains the previous Labor Government’s The People of Australia – Australia’s Multicultural Policy.

Among other things, this is a policy which extols the virtues of the AMC, a body that advised the government on multicultural affairs, played a vital role in access and equity strategies across government, implemented the ‘People of Australia Ambassadors’ program, and was abolished by Tony Abbott in June this year.

The policy also states: “The Government has in place anti-discrimination laws and is committed to measures which counter racism and discrimination.”

This is coming from the Abbott Government which believes people have the right to be bigots and is determined to keep its pre-election promise to weaken protections against racist hate speech by watering down the Racial Discrimination Act.

The Abbott Government’s approach to multiculturalism is pathetic and they should start adhering to this well-crafted and thoughtful policy by reinstating the AMC and abandoning its plans to weaken the Racial Discrimination Act.

FRIDAY, 11 JULY 2014