Farewell Philippines Consul-General Anne Jalando-on Louis

It will be the end of an era with the departure of our beloved Consul-General Anne Jalando-on Louis, who will unfortunately be leaving our shores in April.

As I have said on many occasions, the “CG” is one of the hardest working members of the diplomatic corps.  She is constantly travelling far and wide within our State, including investing an enormous amount of time in the Blacktown Local Government Area, which proudly boasts the highest proportion of Filipino-Australians in the country.

The CG is one of those rare people whose comments and interactions are always thoughtful and genuine.  It has been plain to see that this is a person who loves her job – and she has earned our love in return.

Personally, I will always remember her dissertation on one occasion to detail the way in which her life was shaped by the principles of her father, a man who remained honourable in a time when to do so could be dangerous.  What enormous pride he must have in a daughter who has earned the respect of so many people in a faraway land.

A special thank you also to the CG’s family, who has loaned us this wonderful person with such open hearts.  We know her outstanding performance in her role is attributable to your support and encouragement of her passion for people.

Maraming salamat po, farewell our CG and God bless until we see you again.