Today marks the 85th birthday of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, one of our most important public institutions.

Since 1932 the ABC has enriched Australian life with its quality programming, personalities and perspectives.

From the early days of radio, through the introduction of television and colour television, to today’s array of digital offerings, the ABC has been a constant.

Whether supplying emergency information during the bleakest hours of national disaster, teaching nursery rhymes to our young, showcasing our home-grown symphony orchestras or stimulating national debate on matters of public interest, to mention just a few examples, the ABC serves as a touch point for the Australian public.  

In today’s rapidly evolving and fragmenting media landscape, the role of our national broadcaster is as vital as ever.

It is essential that the ABC endure as a trusted, independent voice that adds to the diversity of news and provides an opportunity for Australian stories to be produced, seen and heard.

Labor believes it is imperative that the ABC be properly supported by Government, and not stretched too thinly, as it delivers on its mandate in the contemporary media environment.

Australians deserve a healthy national broadcaster to contribute to our sense of national identity, to reflect our cultural diversity and encourage our musical, dramatic and performing arts.

Labor thanks ABC staff, past and present, for contributing to the ABC’s many and varied achievements and wishes the ABC a very happy 85th birthday.