In the chaotic aftermath of the Turnbull Government’s bungled 2016 Census, Michelle Rowland MP is urging local residents to send Malcolm Turnbull a strong message – don’t wreck it for Greenway.

Ms Rowland said that the coverage rate in the last Census was 98 per cent. An accurate Census is critical to decision-making by all levels of government


“If this Census has a low coverage rate, there will be adverse impacts for us here in Greenway”, Ms Rowland said.


“The Greenway electorate falls within one of the fastest growing areas in Australia and our demographics are always changing. For example, there are working families with young children looking for child care and school placements, but also a growing elderly population who need aged care and specialised health services. We also need to know about our new citizens to understand how best to support their settlement journey.


“The Census is how we get quality services such as local police command and healthcare. It’s how we plan for infrastructure and higher education. Without this critical information, accurate government planning and service delivery will be compromised.


“Without understanding the community, no government can provide the quality of service delivery we need.”


Ms Rowland said the Turnbull Government had completely botched the entire Census process and her office had been inundated with complaints.


“Out of the Census chaos and confusion last week, one thing has become crystal clear: if Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison can’t manage a key government priority like the Census, they can’t manage a government.”


Labor is calling for an independent Senate inquiry that will investigate the way in which the Government botched the Census, from its communication to its failed delivery.


“Rather than pointing the finger at everyone but themselves, they need to start answering questions and providing assurance to the people of Greenway that their local planning and services won’t be undermined by a failed Census,” Ms Rowland said.


Ms Rowland encouraged all local residents to fill in the Census, either online or by phoning 1300 214 531 to order a paper copy.  If residents are still having problems, they can contact her office on 9671 4780 or