Last Monday the NBNCo CEO was reported to say:

“We are done pointing the finger – we don’t care because we know the end user is more confused than ever about who does what, and all they want is a good broadband service. So we are working so closely now with the retailers.

Yet only seven days later the headlines read:

NBN Co boss declares war with internet providers

Telstra won’t cop blame from CEO over price war

NBN CEO unloads at ‘land grab’ price war by ISPs

NBN CEO hits out at corner-cutting ISPs

To be fair, these headlines do not reflect Mr Morrow’s reasonable approach to the pricing debate, and exaggerate what has been said. But the prominence of NBN in leading these discussions is clearly taking a toll on a company which has now been abandoned by the Turnbull Government across several consumer debates.

Nonetheless, the lack of consistency in public signalling, and growing signs of distress, cast doubt on whether the latest iteration of the NBN pricing review is an appropriate vehicle to deliver sustainable outcomes for both consumers and industry.

Whilst the review may produce short-term adjustments in pricing that should be considered on their merits, this is no substitute for a sustainable longer-term solution. If structural issues continue to simmer, then consumers will endure more of the same.

It is clear the status quo is not delivering for consumers. The Turnbull Government needs to come out of hiding and show the authentic policy leadership that consumers expect.