With John Robertson MP and Hugh McDermott MP.

State and Federal Labor Representatives have united to condemn the State Liberal Government for neglecting Western Sydney infrastructure and proving no funds for the upgrade to the Prospect Highway. 

The local community has been calling for the desperately needed Prospect Highway Upgrade for years and yet the Liberal Government has provided no funds for the upgrade in their budget handed down on Tuesday.  

The project has been sidelined year after year since the State Liberal’s came into power almost 6 years ago, with only trivial amounts allocated for minor works and studies.  

With this budget, the Liberals have rammed through their M4 toll on the people of Western Sydney, but have provided no money into improving the road network in our area.

The Liberals are big on talking about delivering, but for one of the single biggest issues for people in the Blacktown area, the Liberal Government have delivered nothing.


Member for Blacktown, John Robertson MP said,

‘The Government has not committed a single dollar to commence construction work on this important link, despite spending six years talking about the project.’

‘This is a vital piece of missing infrastructure for the people of Blacktown. Each day thousands of local residents spend valuable time sitting in traffic because one of Sydney’s biggest metropolitan hubs only has access to a single lane road connection to the Western Motorway. This is simply not good enough,’ Mr Robertson said.  


Member for Prospect Hugh McDermott MP said,

“There has been no fair go for Western Sydney Families in the Berejiklian State Budget. Prospect Highway upgrade is urgently needed.  There will be even further delays for motorists travelling on an already congested roadway.”

“I call on the Premier and Minister for Roads to meet with families in the Prospect Electorate and explain why the Prospect Highway Upgrade has been neglected in 2017 NSW State Budget,” Dr McDermott said.


Member for Greenway Michelle Rowland said,

“Once again we have seen the Liberals ignoring the bottleneck along the Prospect Highway, impacting the residents of Blacktown, Seven Hills and Prospect every day.”

“In failing to fund the Prospect Highway upgrade, the Liberals have demonstrated again that they have no regard for the infrastructure deficit in Western Sydney,” Ms Rowland said.

“We've got a rapidly expanding population in our area and it is unacceptable that we still have a major arterial road like the Prospect Highway that doesn’t flow two lanes each way,” Ms Rowland said.