Labor notes today’s announcement that Mr Bill Morrow intends to step down from the NBN CEO role before the end of 2018.

We recognise Mr Morrow was given a challenging task in implementing the multi-technology mix, and that he conducted himself as a professional and performed the role consistent with the policy direction of the Turnbull Government.

But let’s be frank about the underlying issues - the predictable timing of this departure is no accident.

It highlights the problems Labor has consistently argued in relation to the long-term economics of Malcolm Turnbull’s flawed multi-technology mix.

At the end of all this, Australia will have spent $50 billion on an inferior network that costs more and does less. No-one in their right mind would spend that amount of money on a network dominated by copper and HFC.

There will come a point where tactical pricing discounts can no longer conceal the failures of this government.

2018 is an opportune time to exit.

These failures sit squarely on the shoulders of Malcolm Turnbull and his decision to abandon fibre.

Irrespective of personnel changes at NBN, Turnbull’s flawed policy direction will continue to deliver poor outcomes for Australian consumers and businesses.