Today we see reports NBNCo have confirmed CVC pricing is a key factor behind the rampant slow speed issues experienced by Australian consumers.

Yet on 11 May 2017, the NBN CEO said the exact opposite:

I don’t believe that the price of CVC has anything to do with that experience the end user is having. We have a lot of evidence against this … that’s not really what is driving any kind of experience issues for them.”

So, which one is it?

The lack of coherence on these fundamental issues is remarkable.

This comes on the heels of a recent CHOICE survey which reported 62 per cent of Australian consumers experienced internet problems over the last six months, with NBN users reporting they faced slow speeds and drop outs 76 per cent of the time.

Given the surge in slow speed complaints, it’s no surprise Malcolm Turnbull has barely uttered a word about the NBN lately.

Further, his Communications Minister has still not explained why he sat on the ACCC proposal for a speed monitoring program for 14 months.

Perhaps the reason is that under Malcolm Turnbull, consumers are caught up in a vicious cycle, where the Government pretends an NBN problem does not exist until it makes the headlines.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to start focusing on consumers by acknowledging and then getting to the root of these problems, instead of hoping his $50 multi-technology mess fixes itself.

This is a second-rate network that costs more and does less – and there is no denying that reality.