Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Michelle Rowland today joined Member for Rankin, Jim Chalmers and Duncan Pegg, the State Member for Stretton, to consult with Rankin’s Sub-Continent community and settlement service providers on multicultural policy.


Labor believes multiculturalism is a key driver of economic prosperity and cultural diversity, but more needs to be done to harness this potential and spread opportunity.


Today members of the community expressed their concerns regarding employment opportunities, domestic violence approaches and aged-care services as they relate to diverse communities. 


Recent research from the Australian National University confirms that the broader community agree that immigrants make positive contributions to the economic and cultural life of our country and Labor wants to unleash this potential even more.

Labor believes a more co-ordinated public policy approach to multiculturalism will work to ensure all Australians, regardless of their background, can contribute to the economic and social success of our nation.

As Labor formulates its policies in the multicultural space it is crucial that we listen to the views of those community groups on the ground who know what works best for them and what needs to be done to improve social cohesion and economic opportunity.

FRIDAY, 1 MAY 2015