Acting Shadow Communications Minister, Michelle Rowland has called on the Abbott Government to immediately reaffirm its promise to keep Australia Post in public hands.

Reports in today’s Australian Financial Review suggest the Government is considering selling off Australia Post, a move that would see them break a clear promise made prior to the election.

“In May last year, Malcolm Turnbull gave a written undertaking that the Coalition had no plans to privatise Australia Post,” Ms Rowland said.

“If the Coalition privatises Australia Post it will be another broken promise.

“Australia Post provides vital services to communities around Australia and should remain in public hands.”

Ms Rowland dismissed arguments that the company should be privatised.

“Australia Post has proven to be a well-run and innovative organisation that delivered a profit to the Australian people in 2012/13,” Ms Rowland said.

“These dividends should remain in the public’s hands, not those of a relatively few select shareholders.”

Ms Rowland also called on all regional Members of Parliament to stand up and reject this push to private this important public asset.

“Communities around Australia will be worse off if Australia Post is privatised, especially those in rural and regional Australia who depend on its services.

“In many rural and regional areas, the Australia Post outlet is often the general store, the newsagent and provides banking and bill payment services.

“All these services are under threat if Australia Post is privatised.

“We know the Coalition’s Commission of Cuts will push for more extreme outsourcing, hurting families across the country.

“This is not the government they told the Australian people they would be,” Ms Rowland said.