Labor acknowledges the independent decision of the ABC Board in relation to the departure of Michelle Guthrie as Managing Director.

Michelle Guthrie instigated a major transformation of the ABC to adapt to the digital age at the same time the Liberal Government launched an unprecedented attack on ABC independence, both financially and ideologically.

Michelle Guthrie is an experienced and highly-skilled media executive. Labor thanks her for her contribution to the national broadcaster and wishes her well for the future. 

Labor notes that ABC staff have been performing in an environment of enormous uncertainty in the wake of convergence, its own corporate transformation, and Scott Morrison’s latest funding cut of $83.7 million.

The ABC is funded on a three-yearly, or triennial, basis with the next triennium to begin next year. The ABC is preparing for triennial funding negotiations right now and Labor will be watching that process closely.

That is why a Shorten Labor Government will reverse Scott Morrison’s unfair cut of $83.7 million to the ABC as well as guarantee funding certainty over the next ABC budget cycle.