Subjects: Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals 15 per cent GST; Clive Palmer and Queensland Nickel





MICHELLE ROWLAND, SHADOW MINISTER FOR SMALL BUSINESS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR CITIZENSHIP AND MULTICULTURALISM: [Audio cuts in]…We need to make sure that this level of consumption is actually protected. Household spending and that three fifths level is very important. We know that the impost of a GST to 15 per cent will have a direct impact on consumer confidence and a direct impact on the bottom line of small businesses. That is what they are concerned about, that is what they have been telling us and that is why Labor will not support an increase in the GST.

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ROWLAND: It has brought to the fore the issues that we have been talking about today. The issues that affect households, small businesses, household consumption, consumer confidence and the way this impacts on the economy as a whole. People have been stopping to talk about how this will impact on them. Small businesses are considering how this will impact on them. The whole Australian economy needs to be made stronger by encouraging small businesses and by giving them the level of support they need. It’s one thing for the Government to talk about it, it’s another thing to see the direct detrimental impact that will happen as a result of a 15 per cent GST.

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ROWLAND: Jay Weatherill has been put in a most unenviable position. We have a situation where $80 billion has been ripped out of the States and Territories by this Government in its first Budget alone. We have a situation where these States have to find the necessary funds to ensure their basic levels of services and infrastructure are maintained. It’s a most unenvious position for Jay Weatherill to be in. I don’t have a beef with Jay Weatherill, I have a beef with this Federal Liberal Government under both Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull who are making it harder for the States to do their jobs.

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ROWLAND: Labor has released more detail on its own revenue raising than just about any other Opposition in living memory. We have proposed to ensure that we have a fairer system of taxation with respect to high-end superannuants, we have put together very clear plans when it comes to multi-national tax evasion and making sure that these companies pay their fair share, not just the lip-service that this Government has been giving it and not just the lip-service that the Greens have been giving it for that matter. But, also increases in the excise on tobacco. So we have a very broad range of savings measures and revenue measures that we have proposed and we will be releasing more of those as we go through to the next election.

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ROWLAND: The most important thing with this Clive Palmer episode is to ensure that the workers who have entitlements receive those full entitlements, that is Labor’s primary concern in this matter. As to Clive Palmer’s personal, political or business ambitions they are a matter for him. Our biggest concern is making sure that workers get their entitlements in full.

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ROWLAND: My response is that people should vote Labor before voting Liberal or Greens or any other party for that matter.

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