True to form – upload speeds and accountability out the window

CommsDay has confirmed today (as reported here) that Malcolm Turnbull will not guarantee minimum download speeds above 25Mbps or upload speeds above 1Mbps on his Coalition Broadband Network.

As I wrote last week, the Coalition has never been interested in improving upload speeds for Australians and today’s news confirms that – with Malcolm Turnbull at the helm we are heading down the path of least innovation.

Jason Clare points out today that this confirms Malcolm Turnbull’s broadband policy is woefully inadequate and means he cannot  guarantee it can support applications such as medical-grade videoconferencing – something I have also written about previously.

Indeed it was the Minister who said the Labor Party (and by inference myself) who was “so deluded as to imagine that telehealth is only possible with fibre to the premises.” Well Minister I can tell you that if you can no longer guarantee minimum upload speeds above 1 Mbps it is you who are deluded if you think you can offer medical-grade videoconferencing.

But, as also revealed by CommsDay today Malcolm Turnbull is trying to waive any responsibility for individual line speeds. Think about that. The person who has spent his entire time in Opposition and now in Government criticising the Labor Party for the NBN, now walks away from any responsibility for his own policy.

Ever since the Minister announced his broadband policy along with Tony Abbott and Sonny Bill Williams last year he has assured the Australian public that the speeds offered on his alternative model will be good enough. Today’s revelations blow these claims out of the water.