14 May 2014

Tony Abbott has cruelly cut $33 million in funding to organisations in our community who work to build a cohesive and inclusive Australia.

The Abbott Government’s lack of regard for volunteer groups, cultural organisations and charities is disgraceful and has led to great uncertainty in the sector.

The Abbott Government must explain their restructure of grants to multicultural communities. The uncertainty is causing huge anxiety in the community for those who rely on the Settlement Grants Program and Humanitarian Settlement Services program.

The best way that governments can help build harmonious communities is at the grass roots, by supporting locally proven programs which enable all citizens to fully participate and contribute to our economy.

These cuts call into question the Abbott Government’s commitment to multiculturalism in Australia.  It is one thing to say you support multiculturalism, but actions speak louder than words.

Tony Abbott directly appealed to many different cultural and ethnic communities for their votes in the 2013 election campaign.  These cuts are a betrayal of their trust.

Social isolation is one of the most debilitating struggles faced by new Australians. Programs that facilitate access to social support help build the confidence they need.

Tony Abbott’s cuts in the Budget are symptomatic of a government that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

In the long run, we will all pay for such short sightedness.

The $33 million cut in funding from the Strengthening Communities line item is likely to impact on many programs that may include:

  • Diversity and Social Cohesion Program
  • Multicultural Arts and Festivals Grants
  • Empowering Local Communities Program
  • Community Hubs Program
  • Building Multicultural Communities Program
  • Complex Case Support