• Michelle Rowland MP

    Here at one of Greenway's excellent schools, St Anthony's Girraween.
  • Michelle Rowland MP

    Greenway is a very diverse electorate with a range of challenges and I am committed to addressing these challenges in Australia's Parliament.
  • Michelle Rowland MP

    Rolling out the National Broadband Network in Riverstone. The site of the first Sydney-metro rollout.
  • Michelle Rowland MP

    I was born in Blacktown Hospital, raised in Seven Hills and went to school in Lalor Park. Now I am raising my daughter in Glenwood.

Meet Michelle Rowland MP


Michelle’s one of us

Michelle was born in Blacktown Hospital, grew up in Seven Hills and went to school in Lalor Park.

She supported herself through high school and university by working as a checkout operator in a Blacktown supermarket. Michelle now lives in Glenwood with her husband Michael, and their daughter, Octavia.

Michelle was elected to the Federal seat of Greenway in August 2010. Prior to her election she was a senior lawyer, specialising in competition and regulation in telecommunications, media and technology sectors.

Michelle believes passionately in affording all Australians equality of opportunity, meaning no matter where you live, or what your background is everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed in life.

This is why Michelle is a strong advocate in the areas of education, health, superannuation and broadband.

Michelle also has a great interest in local government, chairing a Parliamentary Committee into the Constitutional Recognition of Local Government, reflecting her ongoing commitment to local government service delivery and community interests.

As a local who was born and raised in the area, Michelle understands our community and the challenges we’re facing.

In September 2013 Michelle was re-elected to the seat of Greenway.

Michelle gets results

Some of Michelle’s many local achievements include:

• The rollout of the National Broadband Network in Riverstone and Blacktown
– before any other part of metropolitan Sydney

• Upgrades to every local school in the area valued at approximately $118 million

• Securing over $50 million for a new Clinical School and additional beds at Blacktown Hospital

• A $15 million GP Super Clinic in Blacktown, to help take pressure off our hospital emergency departments

• A $1.28 million refurbishment of Blacktown TAFE

• Primary Health Care Infrastructure Grants for many GP services

• A $250,000 upgrade at International Peace Park for Seven Hills Junior Rugby League

• New playgrounds at local parks as part of the Community Infrastructure Program

• Upgrade of the Riverstone Museum

• $400,000 for emergency relief services, such as Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre

• $5.8 million for Western Sydney Institute Green Skills Hub at the Nirimba Education Precinct

• A $50,000 upgrade for the Riverstone Girl Guides Hall

• Installation of new $20,000 long-jump pit at Morgan Power Reserve for Kings Langley Little Athletics

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