A desperate Prime Minister has today attempted to bully the ABC, proving how terrified he is of Malcolm Turnbull appearing on next Monday’s Q&A.

As we enter week four of Tony Abbott’s battle with a panel television program, he has written an extraordinary letter to the Chair of the ABC saying his frontbench won’t appear on Q&A until the program is moved from the Television Division into the News Division of the organisation.

This is a desperate move from a Prime Minister who just wants to keep his leadership rival and Q&A doyen, Malcolm Turnbull from appearing on the program this coming Monday.  

There’s little doubt Tony Abbott cut this quiet deal with Malcolm to keep him and his leather jacket away from the Q&A studio next week.

On numerous occasions, Tony Abbott has attempted to exert editorial influence over the ABC.  He does not like the media reporting unfavourable stories - he’s told the ABC what he thinks it should report and it should not report.

Now he’s gone from editorial interference to attempting to interfere in management decisions and how the ABC is structured. 

This is a move that the Chair of the ABC flagged as only a possible option which would be considered after a review of the program is completed in 15 to 18 weeks.

With economic conditions around the world worsening and rising unemployment at home, the Prime Minister of Australia is focusing on a television program. 

FRIDAY, 10 JULY 2015