A leaked National Security Committee document that flags draconian changes to migration is the latest example of the Turnbull Liberal Government’s rapid descent into division and dysfunction.


The clumsy attempt by Peter Dutton’s office to deny all knowledge of the document is a joke and does not pass basic scrutiny.


This document was marked ‘protected’, ‘sensitive’ and ‘cabinet’ and was prepared for the Government’s National Security Committee. 


If Peter Dutton has no knowledge of a document prepared for him, by his own department - he is clearly inept and should finally admit he is out of his depth.


The last time Peter Dutton claimed he was kept in the dark was when he said his office had not been told about the Operation Fortitude debacle.  It subsequently emerged that his office had been briefed on the operation at least two times.


Labor has consistently demonstrated a bipartisan attitude when it comes to sensible improvements to national security laws.


It is clear that same sensible co-operation doesn't exist within Mr Turnbull's divided party room. 


The document, obtained by the ABC is verging on bigotry and racism, and singles out particular ethnic groups.   


The document also proposes closing the door to permanent resettlement for refugees - people on a humanitarian program need to be on a pathway to permanency.


Refugees cannot settle into a community in a state of limbo.


Labor has a clear plan to increase the humanitarian program to 27,000, recently supported by a business delegation to refugee camps in the Middle East, led by Tony Shepherd and Innes Willox.


Malcolm Turnbull must today be up front on whether the Government he leads endorses this document and its sentiment.