With the release of the 2016 Census data, a snapshot of the diverse and multicultural community of Greenway has emerged. 

At a glance –


Greenway is a young electorate. The median age in the seat of Greenway is 34, younger than the median age of Australia as a whole at 38.

Greenway is multicultural. Over 55% of Greenway residents have parents who were both born overseas, a total of 94,950 people. The national average for this category is 34.4%.

Greenway residents are multi-lingual. 45.5% of households in Greenway have a language other than English spoken at home, more than double the national percentage of 22.2%.

The top languages other than English spoken at home are Punjabi (4.6%), Hindi (4.2%), Tamil (3.1%), Arabic (2.2%), and Tagalog (2.1%).   


The Census results help all levels of government guide the best use of public resources and planning to ensure that areas of growth, including Blacktown and the North West Priority Growth Area, are recognised and receive the services and infrastructure needed.

Blacktown City Council conducted two Citizenship Ceremonies this week, including one held on Tuesday night, 4 July 2017, which welcomed 150 new Australian citizens into the community.

“The recent census has provided a snapshot of our growing, vibrant, and multicultural community in Greenway,” Member for Greenway, Michelle Rowland said.

“The census provides crucial data on our population and community in Western Sydney, giving me as a local Member of Parliament the information I need to fight for our fair share of resources,” Ms Rowland said.

“Attending citizenship ceremonies is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role as a local member. It is always wonderful to welcome our newest citizens into our community”, Ms Rowland said.

“Becoming an Australian citizen is one of the most significant moments in someone's life, and its hearting to see so many new Australian citizens choosing Blacktown City as their home,” Ms Rowland said. 

“Greenway is a microcosm of modern Australia, reinforced by the latest Census results", Ms Rowland said.