Labor’s long-held concerns that small businesses are being let down as a direct result of Malcolm Turnbull’s shambolic NBN rollout have been reinforced today by the Council for Small Business of Australia, but still there is no response from the Turnbull Government to fix the issue. 

Issues with access, reliability, speeds and responsiveness have been raised at small business forums and meetings in towns all around the country.

“The Small Business Minister doesn't say much about the NBN but the message from small businesses around the country is loud and clear – Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate NBN is turning out to be a disaster for small business,” Katy Gallagher said.

“I have met with small business owners who have struggled with connecting her business to the NBN and who had no internet connection for weeks which are crippling their businesses," Katy Gallagher said.

“A small businesswoman running a florist in Wollongong was left without phone and internet on her busiest day of the year, Valentine’s Day, yet another victim of Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate copper NBN,” Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland said.

“Small businesses are rightly frustrated that the migration to the NBN is becoming more trouble than it is worth, with many reporting worse speeds and quality than they had before they made the switch,” Ms Rowland said.

With a raft of issues being reported by small businesses on Malcolm Turnbull’s second-rate Fibre to the Node connections, it is not surprising to see the small business case studies promoted in the ‘benefits for business’ section of the NBN website all seem to be located in Fibre to the Premises areas. 

Small businesses are having their ability to succeed hampered by Malcolm Turnbull’s failed copper NBN. Malcolm Turnbull must finally admit that he has failed to deliver an NBN that is fit for purpose for small businesses, and now work to fix this problem of his own creation.