On behalf of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, we would like to send our best wishes to all Australians celebrating Nepalese New Year.

The vibrancy of Nepal and the Nepalese people is remarkable. The commitment to business, both small and large, the professional focus in fields such as science and engineering as well as their food and music has had an enduring impact on the Australian way of life. The economic and social benefit for the broader Australian community is clear to see.


The Nepalese are amongst the fastest growing communities in Australia. They are school students, workers, small business owners and the next generation of community leaders. The large and active networks across Australia are testament to their contribution.


Nepalese New Year allows us to both reflect on the year past and look to the future. Labor gives thanks and pays tribute to the Australian Nepalese community for the outstanding contribution it has made to shape the cohesive nation we enjoy today.


Australia’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths, binding us together and linking us within the region. The Nepalese community exemplify this strength.


To all those celebrating, Labor wishes you a very prosperous and joyous New Year 2073 Bikram Sambat.