On behalf of the Federal Labor Party, it gives us great pleasure to send our best wishes to the Pakistani diaspora on the auspicious occasion of the 69th Pakistan Independence Day.

On August 14 we celebrate the birth of a new nation under the green field and crescent moon of the Pakistani flag and the end of colonial rule in the Sub-Continent.


During this moment of unity and celebration we also reflect on the Pakistani journey and look ahead to the exciting opportunities that await Pakistan’s future in what is the Asian Century.


In celebrating this special occasion it is right that we also acknowledge the contribution of the Pakistani community in Australia.


Yours is a community that adds vibrancy to our multiculturalism and is a great contributor to a variety of fields, including academia, business, health, engineering and information technologies. 


Federal Labor will always celebrate and recognise this contribution and on this joyous occasion we send you our best wishes.


Happy Pakistan Independence Day.