Malcolm Turnbull must guarantee that his Liberal Senators will oppose Senator Bob Day’s Bill to weaken Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act when it is considered by the Senate this Thursday.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has today called on Malcolm Turnbull to support the Bill, which he and fellow Liberal Senator Dean Smith have co-sponsored. Malcolm Turnbull’s own Assistant Minister Senator James McGrath announced his intention to support the Bill telling the Australian Liberal Students Federation in August last year:

“I announce tonight that I’m going to cross the floor to support Senator Bob Day’s bill on free speech” 

Speech to ALSF – 16 August 2014

Malcolm Turnbull needs to make his position clear and pull the right wing of his party into line.

Continued Liberal support for this divisive Bill defies Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment to adopting more inclusive Government rhetoric.  

Community harmony is more important now than ever, and it is time for Malcolm Turnbull’s actions to match his words.

He must direct his Senators to abandon their divisive Bill and rule out any further attacks on the Racial Discrimination Act under his leadership of the Liberal Party.