MEDIA RELEASE - Turnbull's NBN sends WA backwards on internet speed - 27 APRIL 2017

Further reports today confirm what we already knew to be true: The NBN is failing to deliver the service and speed Malcolm Turnbull promised to Western Australia.


This failure has affected NBN users right across the country, but particularly in Western Australia where Perth has been reported to have the worst capital city internet speed in the country.

It’s no wonder the latest NBN weekly report shows Western Australia has the second lowest take-up rate of NBN services in the country.

We now have a situation where consumers are experiencing worse internet speeds under Turnbull’s NBN than under their previous ADSL services. The reality for many residents is experiencing inferior internet speeds, particularly during peak times.  

Consumers deserve to receive the speeds they are paying for, and service providers must ensure their advertising provides clear and credible information about the quality of service they intend to deliver.

To add insult to injury, frustrated consumers are soon finding out that no one is willing to solve their problem.

Whilst NBN Co and internet service providers bicker over who bears responsibility for the failures, customers in Western Australia are stuck paying for an underperforming NBN service.

Labor has welcomed the announcement that the ACCC will be conducting a broadband performance monitoring program.

We need more transparency about the performance of both the NBN and service providers to ensure consumers can make informed choices.

However this program in itself won’t unwind the structural mess Malcolm Turnbull has created.

As I have said recently capacity price signals are at odds with the inflated $50 billion cost base and deflated capabilities of the multi-technology-mix.

This is no longer an abstract debate because consumers and small businesses are living the consequences and we are reading about it every week.

Under Malcolm Turnbull’s watch, Australians are being sent backwards with an over-budget and behind schedule National Broadband Network.