04 August 2016

During the recent election campaign, I pledged a $5 million commitment from an elected Labor Government for additional commuter car parking at Schofields train station. 

I have been working with our community in the fight for more commuter parking at Schofields station. My petition for more parking attracted the most support, in the shortest amount of time, I’ve seen in my six years representing Greenway.

Obviously this has prompted the NSW State Government to get their act together. I welcome this commitment which is a win for local residents who have been fighting for more parking for so long. It is especially pleasing to see funding pledged from the Blacktown City Council. This shows how under Mayor Stephen Bali, the Blacktown City Council understands the need for quality local infrastructure.


However I’m concerned that 60 additional spaces will not provide the relief required for existing demand, let alone account for future growth.


The current level of funding must be increased which is why I pledged $5 million from an elected Federal Labor Government. In one of the fastest growing suburban areas in Australia, it is unfair to expect the local government to do the heavy lifting on this project.


This begs the question, where is Malcolm Turnbull in all of this? During the election campaign, the Liberal candidate dismissed the concerns for additional commuter parking at Schofields train station. I was astounded by this.


Malcolm Turnbull talks a lot about liveable cities. Now here is his chance to show some backbone.


An additional $5 million from the Federal Government could expand the number of spaces from the proposed 60 to a significantly larger number.


Already, every single day, Pelican Rd and Railway Terrace are filled with cars. It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to show he understands the daily commute from suburban Sydney. It’s not good enough to sit this one out.


The Federal Government must act and I will keep fighting to secure funding for more commuter parking at Schofields Station.